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PAYE (pay as you earn) and Payroll Services

The payroll services provided by Figures Please can be a great way to make sure your staff is getting paid what they deserve without you having to spend a few hours each week or month to sort it all out. 

Not to mention the paperwork that comes with hiring a new staff member or a member of staff leaving you.  

Deducting the right amounts of PAYE and National Insurance Contribution for both employee and employer can be a complicated process and buying special software for it that needs to be renewed every year can become a rather expensive exercise.

As part of our PAYE / Payroll Service we will take care of all the paperwork that comes with being an employer. We provide payslips, payroll reports, lodge all the required forms with HMRC and will let you know what to pay to whom.

Whatever your situation, we are confident our payroll services will improve your business operations. Contact us today to find out how your business, and you, can benefit from engaging us for your payroll needs. 

Our PAYE and payroll services are ideal for:

  • Owners and managers of small businesses who appreciate the value of engaging external professionals to free up time, money and head space for more core business activities.
  • Owners and managers of small businesses with no enthusiasm for, or no knowledge of bookkeeping procedures, accounting software, data entry, VAT, payroll systems.
  • Owners of small businesses which have grown considerably in the last 12 to 24 months and need to get back on top of things and adjust their business operations to the recent and future developments.

At Figures Please we have the experience, knowledge and passion to build your business into a more profitable, satisfying and rewarding place for your staff and you to work as well as a more professional, competitive and dedicated supplier to your valued customers.


"I only have to transfer the wages. The rest is all looked after." 


"Staff is paid on time, every time. Pay slips are correct and morale has improved."

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