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VAT (value added tax)

The concept of VAT and the accurate recording of it can be a challenging exercise.

Depending on your products, services, turnover and trading locations you will have a number of options to consider before and after registering for VAT. We can discuss the best way to approach your VAT registration and set up systems and invoicing templates that comply with the VAT legislation.  

Figures Please can also act as your VAT agent and maintain a VAT account for your business. We can also also lodge your HMRC VAT returns online making it all a lot easier and convenient for you.

Our VAT services can be part of our ongoing accountancy service package so you know exactly what you get and pay for. As a one-off service we can also look after the initial set up of your VAT account and accounting software to ensure accurate recording of VAT liabilities.

Contact us today to find out how your business and you can benefit from engaging us for your VAT needs. 

Our VAT services are ideal for:

  • Proprietors and managers of small businesses with no enthusiasm for, or little or no knowledge of Value Added Tax legislation, record keeping, invoicing or VAT compliance.
  • Owners and managers of small businesses who appreciate the value of engaging external professionals to free up time, money and head space for more core business activities.
  • Proprietors and managers who's business has grown considerably in the last 12 months and who need to get back on top of things and adjust their business operations to the recent and future developments.

At Figures Please we have the experience, knowledge and passion to build your business into a more profitable, satisfying and rewarding place for your staff and you to work as well as a more professional, competitive and dedicated supplier to your valued customers.


"I was charging VAT when I didn't have to. This made my products less competitive." 


"The VAT is part of the service package and a very good deal."

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